Home in the Hollow

Gnome Hollow Candle and Soap company is designing products for individuals who want more out of life … for individuals who are adventurous, creative and just want something a little different. 

Our candles are made from 100% American grown soybeans and our wicks are eco-friendly, self-trimming cotton. With this combination, our 8 oz candles can burn upwards to 70 hours.

The candles are also natural in color (no dyes). We do believe candles should emit their natural light and bring a warm glow to the room. They also burn clean meaning there is little or no residual soot or smoke.

Our soap and body cream products are made from Shea Butter and premium oils resulting in an exhilarating experience. Because our candles are skin safe, we are able to use the same oils in both the candles and the bath products.  Our loofah soaps are a crowd favorite and will leave your skin feeling clean and refreshed.  

Our products are made by two people (with a little help from some Gnomes) in Louisiana! We are a veteran owned and operated company. We support our American farmers by ensuring that all the soy is grown and refined in the USA.

There is a lot of care and attention that goes into our products; every measure is taken to create the most complex, exciting, seductive, adventurous and sensually stimulating products imaginable.

Always remember, there is no place like Gnome!