Gnome Hollow Candles

Specializing in unique fragrances and environmentally safe candles. There is a premium of care and attention that goes into each hand-poured candle. Gnome Hollow strives to create the most complex, exciting, seductive, and sensually stimulating candle imaginable.

Owned, Operated, and Hand Poured by a US Navy Veteran and his Wife

Eco-Friendly, Toxin-Free, Carcinogen-Free, All Soy Candles.

Handcrafted in the USA

Available in Whole Foods Markets across Louisiana


Wall Drugs in Wall, SD

Happy Birthday Mrs. Gnome!

Celebrating Mrs. Gnome's Birthday with 5 of her favorite fragrances!  

Coming Soon!

Overstock and Discontinued Items **Not available for wholesale** 

How We Make Superior Candles

* Only soy grown and refined in the USA is used

* Eco-Friendly, self trimming wicks help eliminate soot and black smoke while creating

the longest of burn times

* All candles are dye-free, phthalate-free, toxin-free, & carcinogen-free and pet friendly

* Premium clean scent fragrance oils create realistic smells

* Fragrance oils are maximized so that the largest rooms smell great.

  • Old Book

    "Picked up the 'Old Book' scented 'mandle' at the Wisconsin State Fair. One of the best smelling candles we've had in our house! Also veteran owned. Will definitely be ordering more of these." - Steve Sackmaster (originally posted on Facebook)

  • More Fragrant

    "These candles are so much more fragrant than any big box store!! They are made from love & you can definitely tell!!! Great product Gary, I hope you & your wife have much success!!!!" - Jessica Headley (originally posted on Facebook)

  • Amazing Quality

    "So happy I found you today at the Oklahoma Home and Garden Show. You definitely have a customer for life. Amazing quality and the scents are exquisite." - Melissa Bartz (originally posted on Facebook)

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Our soaps and body creams are shea-butter based and handcrafted to perfection leaving your skin soft and radiant without any heavy build-up or oils on the skin.

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