Simplistic Quality

Simplistic Quality

At The Hollow, things are moving along quite splendidly! Our days are full and our nights are restful. We have added stores, expanded product, and never cease to have fun while doing it.
There is one question that we are asked on a regular basis that I thought I would address in today’s blog. Why do we not do “pretty”? By this, they mean colorful products in fancy jars and packaging. Even my mom asked this question!

The one thing the Head Gnome wanted more than anything was to create superb candles that are safe for the environment and burn bright and long. He wanted to cater to the environmentally conscious and healthy lifestyle community. Also, he wanted candle connoisseurs to smell his candles and declare Gnome Hollow Candles as truly the best there is. He has achieved that!
To have an environmentally safe candle, soy is the wax of choice. Gnome Hollow soy is 100% American grown. We support American farmers while eliminating the soot that paraffin/paraffin mixed candles contain. Not even our wicks have paraffin in them. We can proudly say that our candles are 100% paraffin free! They are clean burning and an 8 ounce candle burns close to 50 hours. There is no dye for two reasons: 1. soy is not a fan of dye which means you have to add a lot of it! By adding dyes, you are adding chemicals which takes away from the clean burning candles that we want. 2. a white candle burns brighter than a dyed candle creating a much brighter and expansive light.

Let’s talk about our unique fragrances that we have spent hours and numerous distributors trying to find perfect, unique scents. Every distributor has similar scents, but not all scents are created equal. For example, everyone has a Sandalwood fragrance. One of our distributors has such a soft scent that you can’t smell it when it burns. Another distributors oil turns the candles blue. That doesn’t stop us from searching. We kept on until we have the most amazing Sandalwood that burns splendidly with our soy wax and smells heavenly!

With the Head Gnome being a science teacher, he has maximized his fragrance oil amounts. Most big box brands and independent candle makers, use 3%-6% fragrance oil. We have doubled and, in some cases, tripled our fragrance oil. Because of this, you have no trouble smelling our candles whether they are sitting on a shelf with the lid off or burning on the counter. Either way, our candles will leave your home smelling just the way you like it.

No! We do not use essential oils. Why? Candles do not burn hot enough to burn the essential oils. Some of our fragrances have small amounts of essential oils, but paying for essential oil candles is just a waste of money. You will not get the fragrant warm throw with essential oils as you do with fragrance or fragrance/essential oil mixes. Essential oils are great in several products, but candles are not one of them.

The other half of our company is bath and body products. Most people love their soaps and especially soaps with the fun designs, colorful flowers, bits of salts, and well, just plain pretty. Mrs. Gnome loves those too! However, Mrs. Gnome has sensitive skin and hates to clean the tub after using “pretty” soaps! With the Head Gnome happily making his candles, Mrs. Gnome realized that soaps can be made with candle fragrances and soap bases can be bought from candle suppliers.

Perfect!! The big question was “what soap can I make that will not harm my super sensitive skin”? After much research, Shea Butter soap was the answer. According to several websites, Shea Butter is moisturizing, leaves skin smooth and soft, has anti-inflammatory products, has anti-bacterial components, and is safe for all skin types. With eczema being a problem in the family, Shea Butter seemed to be the best soap for everyone. Not to mention, Mrs. Gnome isn’t getting any younger and her sun damaged skin needed some relief.

When soap making began, “pretty” soaps was the goal. However, Shea Butter has moisturizers and the base that is used also has Jojoba Oil in it. This created a problem when trying to use dyes. The colors run and fade resulting in a unappealing soap. The bright side is having white soap there is no added chemicals to irritate the skin. There is no mess to clean up in the tub. The simplicity has reduced cost and resulted in a high-quality soap without high-end pricing. Much like our candles, premium fragrances are used and the scents are unforgettable.

When the soaps were perfected, a companion needed to be introduced to go along with the soap. Everyone needs a lotion to match their soap. Who likes conflicting scents?! Not me! Since the Shea Butter soap was such a fabulous product, Shea Butter body cream was created to compliment the soaps. The 10 most popular soap fragrances got a body cream to go with it. The body cream is on the thicker side so at night put it on full strength and let it absorb in the skin.

During the day, put it on thinner for a light airy feel. The body cream goes on smooth and absorbs nicely. There is no greasy residue or build up left on your skin. The fragrance lasts most of the day! No need for expensive perfume when you use the body cream. Once you try it, you’re addicted! Promise!

Gnome Hollow strives on creating a quality product that is clean and simple. We have achieved that and hope that each of our current customers and future customers appreciate what we have accomplished in our product lines.

Lastly, the Head Gnome and Mrs. Gnome have had several request for a men’s line. This is in the works! We are adding hair pomade, beard balm, and beard oil to the man who likes to pamper himself. Stay tuned for more on that!

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