Sgt Hector:  Scotland’s Gnome Police Officer

Sgt Hector: Scotland’s Gnome Police Officer

A Love Story

As stories go, true love won the hearts of all that followed this story.  Many. many years ago, a strong strapping British gnome officer from Devon, England, named Tom met and fell madly in love with a beautiful, headstrong Scottish gnome named Millie.  As love stories always go, Tom’s family did not approve of his love for Millie and tried to keep them apart.  Of course, this made the young couple more determined to be together.  They snuck out to see one another, arranged accidental meetings, and lied to their parents about their whereabouts.  These secret meetings soon resulted in the conception of what would one day be Hector.  Once Tom’s parents found out about the pregnancy, they disowned him for disgracing their family name.  Millie’s parents were much more forgiving and only wanted her to be happy.  Millie’s family set out to return to Inch Gnome Island in Scotland with Tom in tow.  Tom and Millie lived in the house next to Millie’s parents and raised Hector to be a strong, independent, and respectful gnome.

Dream to Reality

As Hector grew older, he knew the only thing in the world that would make him happier than finding true love like his parents was to follow in his father’s footsteps.  Hector wanted to be a police officer and “Keep People Safe”.  His skills with weapons and his desire to put others first won him the respect of everyone around him.  He joined the Scotland Gnome Police when he was young and worked his way through the ranks quickly.  He loved roaming the island and chatting with the local gnomes while keeping his eyes and ears open for inappropriate gnoughty behaviors and clues to whatever case he may be working on.  Sgt Hector became second in charge on the Case of the Garden Gnomes.  This proved to be challenging and infuriating as the garden gnomes kept multiplying and the wooden gnomes sunk further into hiding.  After years of working this case, Hector along with several of the elder gnomes met to discuss the fate of the The Gnoughty Gnome Clan.  With much hesitation and sadness, it was determined that the clan had little choice, but to make the long journey to the United States.

The Journey

Sgt Hector worked with the elder gnomes and conversed with Shame-ish on the best approach to getting The Gnoughty Gnome Clan to America.  It was decided that only a few gnomes at a time would be able to make the trip.  The twenty strongest gnomes without families to support, including Sgt. Hector, were selected.  Each gnome had a unique talent that would be helpful during the journey and for future adoptive homes.  There were scientists, martial art specialists, boatmen, musicians, bakers, and several others.  The journey by ship was not an easy one, but each of the gnomes used his special skill to make the trip tolerable.  Once on land, the twenty gnomes worked together and supported each other as they traveled days by foot.  Sgt Hector took control as the gnomes tired.  He encouraged, cheered, sang, and physically held them up when they grew too weak.  When the clan entered the tunnels that led to their final destination, Sgt Hector fought off termites, springtails, earthworms, and grubs.  He chopped away at roots and tubers.  He hollowed at areas that were too narrow or had collapsed.  He worked continuously until the light at the end of the tunnel was seen.  Sgt Hector’s last command of the journey was forming the gnomes into a line as each was personally greeted by Shame-ish and introduced to Mrs. Gnome.

A Home

Sgt Hector is looking for a home that he can continue to serve his fellow gnomes and his family.  He loves animals and is especially fond of dogs.  Since he serves and protects, his devotion to those that are not able to care for themselves is his speciality.  Children and the elderly treasure his commitment to satisfying their wants and needs.  He wants someone who will take him on adventures, allow him to help in the yard, and spend evenings reminiscing over a glass of ale.

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