Reflecting on 2020

Reflecting on 2020

As I sit here in the floor next to the remaining Christmas decorations, I am not regretful of 2020, but thankful for all its blessings. When 2020 began, Gnome Hollow was but a lifelong dream that we were working to make happen. As COVID and quarantine hit, we thought our dream was going to be crushed, but just the opposite happened. The summer months gave us markets and a loyal customer base. As we rolled into the fall and winter months, our popularity grew, our sales soared, and stores started carrying our products.

The early months of 2020 were simply a time of experimenting, sampling, and testing products and fragrances. We tried hundred’s of fragrances to get the best scents available. We learned that some fragrances turn the wax brown, yellow, or even blue and the soaps brown or mauve. Dyes and decorative pieces to soaps did not have good outcomes. Bath bombs were not our friend, but bath salts were easy to make and out sold bombs. We discovered Instagram was not as easy as it looks to learn when Facebook has been the go to for so many years. When COVID hit, it gave us more time to play and experiment. We tried many different things; some with success, but much more without the desired results.

As the early months of the year began to turn into the warmer summer months, markets began to take place. By this time, we had perfected our products and had our fragrances down to about fifty. The markets taught us what scents were popular, what scents we could get rid of, and fragrances that customers would like to see. Also, markets introduced us to some amazing people, created new opportunities, and developed loyal customers. During the summer, our popularity increased and with that we went into our first store. For us, that was a huge part of our dream.

The remaining months of the year were ridiculously busy! There were many late nights and even some that no sleep was obtained at all. We began working with influencers, high end stores, and Facebook sellers. The markets we were attending kept us busy and sold us out of most of our product each week. Those that we were working with were creating private labels for the holidays and ordering abundant supply for the busiest season of the year. In the mist of all of this, I got COVID. COVID knocked my off my feet for a solid two weeks and kept me weak for weeks to follow. The help I was able to provide for several weeks was minimal so Gary had to take on the extra burdens. He worked markets by himself or with the help of our marketing guy. When I finally returned, I was still of little help due to the continued side effects. As I’m sitting here now, I’m typing in between coughs. However, we finished 2020 strong and are beyond excited to begin our 2021 journey.

For 2021, the plans are to continue to grow, expand our brand, increase our geographical area, and work with local talent to boost not only our popularity but theirs also. Although, I am not one who will complain about 2020, I am ready to see what 2021 has for us.

Happy New Year to each and everyone of you!


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