Snowzilla 2021
Snowzilla 2021

Snowzilla 2021

Gary grew up in Massachusetts and I was raised in Kentucky. His winters were much harsher than mine, but we both have been around snow and ice most of our…

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Reflecting on 2020

As I sit here in the floor next to the remaining Christmas decorations, I am not regretful of 2020, but thankful for all its blessings. When 2020 began, Gnome Hollow…

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Welcome to Gnome Hollow

All children have dreams and those dreams change throughout their lives and adapt to circumstances or opportunities. As adults, goals and aspirations have blossomed and died, and the childhood dreams…

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Unexpected Surprises!

Our first week with our website has flown by! The marketing! The organizing! The adding! The redoing! The dings when someone access the site! The ding dings when someone buys!…

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A Ruff Week!

Not all things that affect your business are business related. On May 16, 2020, we lost a very special, devoted, loyal friend. Samual, "Sam", was our 12 year old Cocker…

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