A Ruff Week!

A Ruff Week!

Not all things that affect your business are business related. On May 16, 2020, we lost a very special, devoted, loyal friend. Samual, “Sam”, was our 12 year old Cocker Spaniel. Sam was white with blond spots. He had long floppy ears and big brown eyes. He hated the cold and to get his feet wet. He loved treats and naps. He was Max, our Lab/German Shepherd, best friend.

Over the years, he lost an eye to glaucoma, his hearing was going, and his breath was horrible. However, he was still the sweetest, most wonderful companion. He showed signs of youth on a daily basis with an excited treat dance or a quick little run around the yard until one day he no longer had the energy to go outside or eat his treat even when brought to him. He declined quicker than we could have imagined.

In a matter of two days, he was gone. We were at a local market when he passed. He died in my daughters arms which brings comfort. Luckily, I had gone home to check on him just a few hours before and had said “I love you” and “I’ll see you soon”. What I wasn’t prepared for was the pain that is associated with losing a pet. The tears continued to come even days later. I watched Max mourn his death through tears.

Whoever said dogs have no feelings has never watched a dog mourn the death of his beloved friend. Max has lost weight, has stopped asking for ice after his walks, lays on our feet or with his head in our laps, and cries. He lays around the house without his normal smile and tail wag. He won’t let anyone out of his sight. His personality and demeanor has changed. After a week, signs of the old Max are returning, but you can still see he hasn’t completely returned.

The emptiness of the house without Sam has yet to leave any of us. As I sit here watching storms move through the area, the weight of the loss is still with me, but I know each day it gets easier, the pain lessens, and the tears come less frequent.